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Re: Tango units

From: Tim
Date: 11/10/2000
Time: 6:57:58 PM
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I hear them working on 82nd street right now. I heard them a couple a weeks ago. Seems like the undercover car cruises along until it finds someone doing a violation and then follows them for a while trying to see if they do any other violations. While this is occuring, the marked unit stays a few blocks behind until they get several violations on one car. Then the marked unit comes up and does the traffic stop. When I told a friend of mine about this a couple a weeks ago and how they are writing up to 6 or 8 violations on one person, this friend of mine said that the police are not allowed to do that. They are only allowed to write a total of 3 violations on someone. Writing anymore is called "stacking" and is supposedly a no no. Anyone else know about this?

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